Wednesday, August 10, 2022
Lame Excuses for Job Ad Pay Secrecy

Looking for a job?

Surprised by the number of job adverts not transparent about pay these days?

This practice allows pay discrimination and employers ability to drive wages down, to thrive.


The lack of job applicant protections and access to employer remuneration policies increases income inequality.

Have you wondered why recruiters advertising vacancies fail to adhere to advertising standards regarding transparency and non discriminatory practices?

We asked around, here are some of the reasons provided:

  1. We want to hire someone who is not greedy and motivated by money.
  2. If job seekers find out how little we pay, they won’t apply.
  3. If job seekers find out how much we pay, too many will apply.
  4. If we state a salary range, job seekers will want to be paid at the top of the range.
  5. We don’t want our current employees to find out that we are going to pay a new hire more than we pay them
  6. We don’t want our competitors to find out how much we pay
  7. We don’t want to attract passive job seekers
  8. There’s no law against it (not including pay in the job advert)
  9. We don’t want to attract applicants after a hefty pay check.
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