#payslipbansa defines unlawful recruiters as Suited Tsotis. Opportunistic recruiters use pay secrecy and power thuggery to reduce the economic right to pursue better opportunity. As gatekeepers, they discourage informed applicants; recruiters exploit the desperate, ignorant and unemployed. 

Economic Moral

Recruiters find and attract job applicants available in the labour market. 

Sometimes these recruiters are outsourced and sometimes they are part of a company’s HR function.

Recruitment is an economic activity  shaped by vested interests and impacting on individual job applicant economic rights.


Employers and recruiters are on the wrong side of inequality.

When, like Truworths and training organisation Get Smarter; they place job adverts vague about pay, their justifications for leaving a gap for inequality are wishy washy at most.

These organisations know there are no penalties (yet) for unfair recruitment. They proudly assert an unfair opinion they have been unable to back up with legal argument.

They omit pay ranges from job adverts in order to maintain negotiating power. By excluding pay information in adverts and asking applicants their pay expectations, recruiters can drive applicants wage expectations down.

Recruiters claim they would never exploit applicants yet workforce inequality and poverty exists. This is why the public takes a massive risk when trusting recruiters.

If firms made moral judgments – we wouldn’t have inequality

Truworths, paying among the lowest rates in retail, fiercely defend the right to be secretive about pay in adverts and tell us to believe they are ethical when they grab positions of power and dominance during negotiation, as their email shows:

Truworths chooses to not disclose salaries with advertisements for employment opportunities so as not to inadvertently and prematurely exclude good candidates from positions based purely on their salary expectations.

Truworths offers market-related salaries and remunerate fairly based on the requirements of a role, the candidate’s qualifications, skills and experience. Furthermore candidates are welcome to discuss their salary expectations during the interview process.

Get Smarter, a training organisation, uses similar Truworths tactics, describing pay as ‘negotiable’ in adverts:

Due to the “open” nature of the requirements, we feel it better for a candidate to indicate what they are looking for, and we can then have open and honest conversations with them through the process.

Advertisements containing company benefits, list salary description and advertise more than one position received a larger applicant pool than advertisements lacking these contents.

Kaplan, Aamodt and Wilk : 1991



A Suited Tsotsi is

– someone involved in recruitment,

– they are the gravy train  conductors who deny job seekers their rights.

– they can be a company or individual.

– It can be someone who sends an email asking about your pay expectations and for your payslip.

Screenshot their ad &  forward us their emails to friend@payslibansa.co.za

All sources are protected and information treated with the utmost sensitivity.

Making Constitutional fairness really fair. by being fair.

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