Thursday, June 20, 2019

Congratulations O’Brien Recruitment!

you were entered into the ‘Nominate your Tsotsi Competition’ by a #payslipbansa friend.

O’Brien Recruitment demands payslips from job applicants. This is contrary to the Constitution which enshrines the right to fair labour practice (S23.1).  #payslipbansa has been unable to identify a job applicant who feels GREAT when they hand their payslip to a prospecting company, perhaps O’Brien can drop us a line about their monkey business!


#payslipbansa believe firms use payslips to spy on rival firm reward systems, to price-fix pay and poach employees.

Employers prey upon job seekers and illegally demand their payslips. When job applicants submit payslips or ‘current cost to company,’ they reduce their negotiating power in the same way you would lose power if you show someone your hand during a card game.

Recruiters and hiring firms justify the request for payslips and CTC as an entitlement yet cannot provide a single piece of legislation supporting this self ordained ‘right.’

#payslipbansa intends legally challenging those firms insisting on this fake right. Once achieved, a legal precedent entitling other citizens to sue, will be in place. Organisations such as O’Brien Recruitment should effect new policies regarding their recruitment practices before its too late.

O’Brien Recruitment Email

#payslipbansa invites readers to submit recruiter emails. 

Please forward emails without any changes, we’ll protect your identity. Information is collected and used to document the massive transgressions occurring during recruitment.


Thank you for confirming your interview which is on <REMOVED>. Please can you bring a copy of your CV, ID, latest payslip and certificates (including Matric) or please email them to me.  If there is anything else you believe I should need, please bring this with.

When you get here you will be required to complete an application (short – nothing to stress over).  And once you have complete these we will spend time together.

Our address is:

O’Brien Recruitment

4th Floor, 50 Riebeek Street

(Cnr Buitengragt and Riebeek Street) Cape Town 8001 GPS Coordinates: lat: -33.917992 – lng: 18.420691

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