Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Firms demanding pay slips are subject to scrutiny as this practice contravenes the Competition Act and S23.1 of the Constitution, ‘everybody is entitled to fair practice’.

Our infograph lists the reasons why pay history questions and current cost to company specifications are unlawful.

Businesses spying on rival firms unfairly compete for talent. #PayslipbanSA unites citizens and businesses pursuing an inclusive, ethical economy for everyone.


We all understand why recruiters want to see payslips,  it gives them the upper hand during wage negotiations with job applicants.

It’s a fallacy that outsourced recruiters push for the highest salary possible for job applicants. Recruiters are paid by employers, their loyalty thus lies with saving them money and to secure their returning business. Job applicants who hire recruiters should demand the same level of service.

Qualified Human Resources practitioners will explain that textbook recruitment follows this pattern:

  1. vacancy identified
  2. job description / KPI’s specified
  3. wage scoping exercise to test current compensation policy against existing trends
  4. design job advert to attract most relevant talent

Employers know what they are willing to offer prior to advert placement and are not free to use job applicants for competitor wage surveys.

The infographic below explains what’s wrong with asking about pay history and current cost to company

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