Never give your payslip to recruiters during recruitment.

Payslip sharing is an inequality trap, don’t get caught in it!

Recruiters for abusive employers use payslips to price-fix pay and perpetuate income inequality. Give up your payslip and you give up your Constitutional right to fair labour practice!


Job applicants should never share their payslips during recruitment!

Fair recruitment refers to the practice of treating all job applicants equally and providing them with equal opportunities for employment, regardless of their background or personal characteristics. This includes ensuring that the recruitment process is free from discrimination, bias, and other forms of unequal treatment, and that all candidates are given the same consideration for a job based on their qualifications and experience. Fair recruitment is important for promoting equality and justice in the workplace, and for ensuring that all individuals have the opportunity to earn a fair wage and pursue their chosen careers. It is also beneficial for employers, as it can help to attract and retain top talent and to create a diverse and inclusive workforce. Overall, fair recruitment is considered to be a positive practice that can benefit both individual workers and organizations.

Workers and Jobseekers have human rights

Workers/jobseekers have human rights in labour markets, as they are protected by a range of international and national laws and standards that are designed to promote fairness, equality, and dignity in the workplace. These rights include the right to fair and equal treatment, the right to freedom from discrimination and harassment, the right to privacy and confidentiality, the right to fair and competitive compensation, and the right to form and join trade unions and other worker organizations. These rights are fundamental to the dignity and well-being of workers and are essential for promoting a fair and just society. As such, it is important for employers, governments, and other stakeholders to respect and uphold the human rights of workers in labour markets, and to take appropriate measures to prevent and address violations of these rights.


Recruiters at firms such as O’Brien Recruitment and KellyRecruitSA demand pay slips. They must prove they don’t use pay slips for the following:

  1. as the basis for making an offer as this means they are not competing for talent as  per the Competition Act, but price-fix pay
  2. to spy on rival firms competing in the same talent pool
  3. spy on rivals to poach staff and limit their wage expectations
  4. collude with other firms and agree to not compete aggressively for talent
  5. agree with another firm on employee benefits
  6. price-fix pay by claiming it’s legal to fix pay according to former employers even if it was low
  7. exclude applicants without pay slips
  8. diminish an applicant’s right to pursue better economic opportunity
  9. be used against applicants in a breach of trust, e.g. this could be in making an offer and then reducing it after reviewing the applicants’ past payslip.
  10. obstruct potential employers from acquiring top talent, informed applicants don’t apply to firms using unfair recruitment tactics. Pay secrecy discourages job applicants.
  11. be wage gatekeepers institutionalising inequality

#Payslipbansa believes we should prosecute recruiters and employers who demand payslips in contravention of our Constitutional rights.

There are a few reasons why employers competing for talent should be prevented from viewing rival employer payslips. For one, it can be a violation of the privacy and personal information of both the employees and the employer. It is generally not fair or ethical for one organization to obtain and use sensitive information about the pay and benefits of another organization’s employees without their consent. Additionally, allowing employers to view rival employer payslips can create an atmosphere of mistrust and competition in the labour market, which can have negative consequences for both workers and employers. It can also contribute to wage discrimination and other forms of unequal treatment in the workplace, as employers may use the information to undercut their competitors and offer lower pay to workers. Preventing employers from viewing rival employer payslips is generally seen as a positive step that can promote fairness, privacy, and trust in the labour market.

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