Friday, July 19, 2019

Are you a fair employer or have you been treated unfairly as a job applicant?

Pay Slip Ban SA would love to hear from you!

Companies Publishing Pay in Ads

They begin their recruitment process based on globally acceptable recruitment standards described in human resource management textbooks and published research.

What transparency says about employers

  1. Transparency shows the employer is not looking for a candidate who can be coerced into accepting an unfair offer.
  2. If they’re upfront about a sensitive issue such as pay, they are probably upfront about everything else in their organisation.
  3. Transparent employers respect an applicant’s need for information to decide if they REALLY want to be employed there.
  4. Transparent organisations understand sustainability and don’t want applicants to use own resources to attend an interview for a job they may not be able to afford to take.
  5. Transparent organisations probably have leaders who think withholding information is silly, small-minded and exploitative. How smart!
  6. Transparency means you’re fairly negotiating wages with them, knowing where their budget lies. If you want them to change it – they would expect you to have an attractive, well thought out negotiating argument.
  7. If they start the recruitment process correctly, it’s likely Pay Slip Ban SA will have no reason to scrutinize their ensuing actions.
  8. Transparent organisations can lay claim to supporting equality and equity as studies show job advert pay transparency encourages more applicants, and reduce barriers for women.
  9. Transparent employers adopt fair practices.

By comparison, companies who withhold this information, communicate questionable values and principles.

Their recruitment style discourages applicants, particularly women and reflects an organisation that does not care about the impact on applicant costs nor their time and effort.

Why apply when you’re likely to become an inequality statistic?!

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