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Get Smarter, operating out of Cape Town, take a dim view of pay transparency in their recruitment adverts.  While they refer to pay secrecy as ‘open’, we call them out on it. Secrecy is not fair, and #PaySlipBanSA is all about the evidence of fairness versus the evidence of inequality

Table Mountain doesn’t block our view of the Constitution, how about you?!

Talk Tsotsi Taal

Get Smarter has slick tsotsi taal, the use of fancy language not derived from any textbook, faking fairness and wallowing in flawed ethics.

It appears their recruiters missed an entry level lecture on recruitment. If they had, they’d know there isn’t a  textbook outside of communist China validating their secretive approach.

Pay secrecy during recruitment is linked to inequality, not ‘open’ conversations. 

Recruitment Beginners Lecture 1 is pretty standard, you’re told: PRICE POSITIONS NOT PEOPLE

Price jobs not people’ is common lingo in professional human resource management conversations.

The screenshot  below shows how Get Smarter misses the purpose of ethical and sustainable recruitment.

Get Smarter’s definition of ‘openness’ can easily be tested. As seen below, Get Smarter has no debate muscle and wimped out quickly.

A recruitment advert must attract as many viable candidates as possible. To do so, wage transparency is essential – particularly if you wish to target women.

An HR unit is responsible for constructing fair, transparent compensation systems and providing salary ranges for  vacancies prior to advertising. The recruitment process s not a wage survey opportunity, it is a talent attraction campaign. To attract the best talent you must sell the company and position to a market.

When an organisation is not transparent, it shows they waver and hesitate on equality, equity and Constitutional fairness.

Are your policies legitimate?

#PayslipbanSA wants to help companies do better. Talk to us.


Forward emails requesting pay history and pay expectation information from job advertisers who are secretive about pay during recruitment.

Screenshot job adverts that are vague about pay or that don’t even mention it.

My #Recruitment Experience


Recruiters O’Brien Oh no!

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