Friday, April 16, 2021

Learning institution Get Smarter ignores the Constitution and an overwhelming volume of academic evidence supporting job advert pay transparency.

Pay secrecy enables wage discrimination towards women.

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Gender Offender Brand, Get Smarter!

We have to break the cycle that traps women in low pay. Women often start work on a lower salary than men, move to a new job and are paid based on their previous wage, as opposed to what they or the role are worth – so they continue to be paid less. Ending this practice is crucial to ending the gender pay gap.

“Our research shows that women are more likely to disregard jobs if they feel their skills don’t match up to them, compared to men who often apply anyway.

Including salary details in job adverts would help women to see that jobs are in fact at their level and give them an idea of where they should be negotiating from to progress their pay.”

Young Women’s Trust chief executive Dr Carole Easton

Get Smarter refuses to be transparenct about pay when recruiting. They know pay secrecy places them at a wage negotiation advantage.

They justify an abuse of power by referring to pay secrecy as ‘open’ – meaning job applicants enjoy applying for work and not knowing what the salary range is!

Wage secrecy  violates S23.1 Constitution – it’s unfair

There is no question that excluding salary details in job adverts can be a deterrent to talent.


Get Smarter HR adopts what economists and lawyers define as unfair information advantages. Academics also apply the terms ‘information gaps’ and ‘information asymmetry.’ 

Pay secrecy during recruitment is linked to inequality, not ‘open’ conversations. 

Price jobs not people’ means human resources must establish a salary range for a vacancy prior to advertising.

Get Smarter flouts an international body of research spanning decades. While they teach, it appears the organization itself, has no learning integrity.

The screenshot  below shows how Get Smarter misses the purpose of ethical and sustainable recruitment.

A recruitment advert must attract as many viable candidates as possible. To do so, wage transparency is essential – particularly if you wish to target women.

An HR unit is responsible for constructing fair, transparent compensation systems and providing salary ranges for  vacancies prior to advertising. The recruitment process s not a wage survey opportunity, it is a talent attraction campaign. To attract the best talent you must sell the company and position to a market.

When an organisation is not transparent, it shows they waver and hesitate on equality, equity and Constitutional fairness.

Are your policies legitimate?

#PayslipbanSA wants to help companies do better. Talk to us.

Forward emails requesting pay history and pay expectation information from job advertisers who are secretive about pay during recruitment.

Screenshot job adverts that are vague about pay or that don’t even mention it.

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