Who still trusts recruiters asking about pay history?

The Linkedin community was asked if recruitment perpetuated inequality, given that a salary is negotiated between a recruiter/employer and a candidate.

Competition Act Conflict at ‘People Solved’

Pay history questions were banned in states across the US in 2017. Pay history questions are linked to racist and gender based wage inequalities.

‘People Solved’ Glib About Price-fixing pay

Their recruiter states she uses pay history to inform offers and make a moral judgement about candidates.  Her own conduct and understanding there-of, is left wanting:

  1. People lie about pay because often they were paid unfairly and refuse to accept price-fixing. They lie because they are trying desperately to protect their limited economic rights and freedoms. They lie, they are brave.
  2. Clearly PeopleSolved lacks informed policy, business management and training measures for their employees.  If this was in place, their qualified staff would know that a rival’s pay is none of their business and that to base an offer on rival CTC is collusion.
  3. Candidates understand their payslips just fine, perhaps People Solved is unclear on fair negotiation principles and believes it their right to constrain economic freedom by practicing unfair recruitment.


Forward emails requesting pay history and pay expectation information from job advertisers who are secretive about pay during recruitment.


leonie hall

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