Thursday, July 29, 2021

Here are three sites you can use to research pay and enter information about companies you have worked at. The only way we learn about pay problems is if workers are able to share information with each other.

Check how much they pay

Pay is usually kept secret during recruitment in order to prevent job applications from negotiating for a higher amount, forcing the employer to compete and drive wages up.

Recruiters do not look for the highest wages for job applicants as they are loyal to their clients, this is why they’re in business.

Recruiters need to earn an income. If they don’t do as the employer or client demands, they could be out of business.

Research before your interview

If you attend an interview knowing how much other companies, or the one you’re applying to pay, you will know what to base your expectations on and what to try to negotiate for.

Without the correct research informing your answers and questions for the interview, you will definitely be taken advantage of.

Employers are not charity workers, most want to hire the best for less.

Search job titles and companies for wage information on these three sites

1. Glassdoor

2. PayScale

3. Each year Career Junction publishes pay trends and analysis. You’re not serious about job hunting till you’ve been on their website.

If you’ve been employed, add your information to these sites.

The more people upload details, the more power to the people.

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