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Most employers opt for job advert pay secrecy, often claiming they don’t want rival employers to see their pay, yet extort competitor pay slips from job applicants.

Obstructing Job Applicants Right to Negotiate Wages Fairly is Unlawful

Employers and firms take advantage of their positions of power during recruitment. They decide to omit pay information from job adverts so they can see who would be willing to accept low offers.

Pay slips or requests for CTC (Cost To Company) are used to spy on competitor information and disrupt a fair competition for talent.

Firms aren’t trying to improve on offers, but are using privileged information against candidates to limit their ability to negotiate for a better wage.

This results in a lack of competition for talent and wage stagnation, firms have no reason to offer competitive wage packages.

Unfair Information Sharing

When a recruiter or employer knows how much a job applicant is willing to work for, this information is used to limit the applicant’s negotiating power.

Compensation is confidential competitive information.

When in the wrong hands, the information can be used to destroy a rival firm’s talent strategy.

This obstructs the Constitution and the Competition Act.


leonie hall

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