Thank you for forwarding recruiter emails. We’ve added Kelly to our Tsotsi list as they adopt the unconstitutional practice of pay secrecy in adverts and instruct job applicants to submit confidential competitor pay information in contravention of the Competition Act

Kelly Recruitment Pay Slip Bullies

Kelly has a history of being implicated in unfair advertising.

Kelly advertises learnerships for employers without understanding the learnership market nor the inherent spirit of development which should be evident in all processes related to learnership candidates.

Kelly is familiar with criticism and aware of the attention a lack of ethical policy attracts. Yet, they clearly don’t care.

The Pay Slip Ask

Good morning

Please see attached and send back with:

–          Updated Work CV

–          Matric certificate

–          Tertiary qualification

–          Latest payslip

–          Drivers licence

–          ID copy

–          Signed application forms

Please send this back with any additional supporting documents

Have a lovely day

Warning of Confidentiality

Kelly can note, the highest law in the land is the Constitution, which says

Everybody entitled to fair labour practice

If Kelly advertises using pay secrecy, then lists pay slips as a requirement, how does Kelly satisfy ‘fairness’ as enshrined in the Constitution?

Job applicants can ignore the Kelly footnote, a warning about Kelly’s need for secrecy, it’s just too funny, but in a sad way!

Any firm engaged in deviant, dubious acts tries forcing others to keep their secrets.

But ethics, honour and dignity, are upfront for all to see.

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leonie hall

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