Tuesday, May 21, 2019

This hashtagworkersday2019 payslipbansa.co.za went to represent our mission at the hashtagCOSATU hashtagANC rally in Katlehong.


Here’s Mr David Makhura listening intently to the description of how hashtag#recruitment is used to institute hashtag#inequality in the labour market and destroy a fair hashtag#competition for talent.

championing hashtag#equality and a REALLY FAIR hashtag#labour market.

We’re looking forward to engaging further and placing hashtag#gauteng on the world stage for fair wage negotiations.


Our summary of expectations:

Pay secrecy during hashtagrecruitment ends in 2019 No information asymmetry, if employers don’t advertise pay, they have no right to applicant pay history or pay expectations. hashtagconstitutionalrights hashtagconstitutionallaw

No spying on competitor employers means no more hashtagpayslip or hashtagctc sharing. hashtagpricefixing hashtagcollusion hashtagcompetitionact hashtagcompetititionlaw

Please check our our hashtagjustlaw campaign here

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Inequality is not a law, yet it exists. Legislation against racism and sexism exists, yet income inequality data shows that black women are paid less than others. Does racism therefore exist or not exist in the labour market? If racism can be both covert and overt, how exactly is it that black women wind up with less pay? Is the existence of inequality justified with the reality of current laws and conduct? ...

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