Workers Day 2019 saw us putting the Pay Slip Ban SA campaign on the street to let everyone know our legal team, Just Law, has weighed in and we’re ready to roll on recruitment and inequality in South Africa.

Funding Legal Action and Advocacy

We’re going to take action against employers and recruiters using unfair information advantages during recruitment. 

We say:

job adverts not transparent about pay and;

recruiters asking pay history and pay expectation questions are Constitutionally unfair.

When we tackle employers, they often ask “who says it’s unfair?’ 

Here’s our answer:

As concerned citizens invoking our Constitutional Rights, we say it’s unfair.

Job Applicants are vulnerable

Pay Slip Ban SA understands applicants find it difficult to defend their rights when applying for work. That’s why we’ll do it for you! 🙂


Forward recruiter emails requesting any pay information from you.

Screen shot job adverts you deem unfair (co’s you count) and send them in.

We spoke with Gauteng Premier David Makhura and look forward to discussing how we can place Gauteng on the world stage for being leaders in disrupting patterns of inequality.

Can you give us a hand?

This campaign and has been growing from strength to strength since 2016.

Initially driven solely by me, Leonie, this campaign now has an ardent Vusi Zikalala championing the cause too.

It’s great to have quadrupled the team in 2019 because it’s not just Vusi adding armour, but two legal eagles too! 

We are super honoured to have lawyers sensitive to the needs of workers and how profit interests must be balanced, not superimposed on us.

We must push back against inequality by taking charge of our rights and acting upon them. The Pay Slip Ban SA team wishes to advocate and litigate on behalf of job seekers, ethical employers and the general public.

But we do need your generosity on three levels:

  1. Please support our legal campaign, it really doesn’t matter how much you give. There’s no such thing as too little when it comes to fighting giants.
  2. Contact us. Please send your recruitment story, your opinion or your evidence showing unfair recruitment practice. We take action so you’re safe. 
  3. Please share share share – we know you care! but we need to get this news out there IN A BIG WAY! Please help!

Man is born free and everywhere is in chains.”







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