Do you believe it’s fair for employers to ask job seekers for pay slips? We don’t and believe legislation backs us up! We challenge the lack of pay transparency and the demand for payslips and pay history during recruitment as constitutionally unfair and anti-competition.


PaySlipBanSA believes the law provides space to question labour market conduct generally deemed by job applicants to be unfair.

If the Constitution states ‘Everybody is entitled to fair labour practice,’ PaySlipBanSA wants to know why unfair conditions prevail for job seekers?

“How do you feel about job adverts not being upfront about pay?

or making vague statements about a ‘market-related salary’?

Have you been asked about your pay history, pay slip or CTC (cost to company)? Thinks it’s fair?”

The problem begins when pay information is obtuse, it doesn’t state an amount or range yet workers work to earn money! When pay information is inaccessible, these workers are disadvantaged. If they decide to apply to an unfair advert, they cannot expect further recruitment processes to become correct.

Compensation and sustainability are essential considerations for job seekers. They need to know they’re not applying for a position they can’t afford to take. If employers and recruiters are ambiguous about pay in adverts, Pay Slip Ban SA questions how they entrench fairness as enshrined in the Constitution.

What do they do to prevent unfair information advantages and exchanges?

Information, power and inequality

Recruitment is such an important labour market function!

What workers agree to in an interview can limit them for life!

The stories about men paid more than women and black people less than whites reflect labour market inequality.

Think about it, pay is something agreed to during a recruitment process.

You see, if the employer has more information, they have more power and can create the climate preventing job seekers from fairly negotiating pay.

Payslip Ban SA believes unequal power and information advantages allow inequality to enter the employment experience.

Employers claim they use pay slips to determine job seeker honesty,

yet the spread of inequality suggests otherwise.

Pay Slip Ban SA contends that it’s unfair

  • For employers to agree with each other about compensation, either at a specific level or within a range;
  • For one employer to agree with another about employee benefits
  • To express to competitors that they should not compete aggressively for talent
  • To exchange company-specific information about employee compensation or terms of employment with another company
  • To exchange documents containing another firm’s internal data about employee compensation
  • To implicate job applicants in anti-competition acts
  • To falsely advertise vacancies, indiscriminately advertise and use applicants as labour market research tools
  • If the employer knows what their compensation limits are, yet practice ambiguity in adverts to diminish fairness

Pay Slip Ban SA champions the cause of fairness during recruitment processes and wage negotiation. We believe it’s in the public interest to take up this up and lobby for a Really Fair labour market.

Help us create the awareness and process for change to close the inequality gap in South Africa.

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