Monday, July 4, 2022

Here’s our latest newsletter put together by Vusi Zikalala, PaySlipBanSA’s digital campaign manager.

Media Attention is Banging!

Hi Folks! This is Vusi, PaySlipBanSA digital campaign manager. Have you seen the amount of media attention we’re receiving?!
It’s been thrilling watching the realization grow about the power play dynamics and unfair information advantages inherent in the labour market.

Please scroll down for links to our crowdfunding and petition platforms and do check out the articles and podcasts from MoneyWebMetro FM,JustLaw  and 702 Night Talk. to hear how “Everyone is entitled to fair labor practice.” Section 23.1 

Pay Slip Ban SA champions the cause of fairness during recruitment processes and wage negotiation.

PaySlipBan SA champions the cause of fairness during recruitment processes and wage negotiation.

We believe it’s in the public interest to take up this up and lobby for a Really Fair labour market.

Help us create the awareness and process for change to close the inequality gap in South Africa.

Find us here and spread the word!

Want to show us, and your future some love? Please sponsor our work here!

Thank you for taking the time to read our newsletter.

We hope that the disruption has transformed you.


Victor Vusi Monnapula Zikalala
Digital Campaign Manager

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Do something about fairness and do yourself proud!

Thank you for your support!

Night Talk with 702

MoneyWeb Interview


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