Wednesday, August 10, 2022
SABPP bastion of baasskap


SABPP has been challenged by our questions regarding Constitutional fairness for more than a year. While they have many minds to apply to the issue, they have been unable to pose a rational argument substantiating their draconian superiority as lawfully fair in the labour market.



The following statements by Diaz are extracted from the MoneyWeb article Calls for income transparency in recruitment ads

Maphutha Diaz, head of human resource standards and projects at the SA Board for People Practices, says that the practice of asking for payslips is influenced by particular companies’ policies or procedures, adding that the public service is known for its transparency.

PaySlipBanSA Response:

The demand for pay slips is based on an apartheid era belief that the labour market can be dominated by institutionalised prejudice such as racism and sexism. Prejudice becomes fundamental to successful operations.  Employers demanding payslips is not an act of transparency, it’s an act of intimidation.

Diaz says employers use payslips to place potential employees within specific remuneration pay scales relative to others in the same jobs or job categories.

PSBSA Response:

South Africa is a free market and developing economy. There is no regulation stipulating pay ranges, this suggestion is fascist and entitled. It is our enshrined right to negotiate our wages and not be price-fixed. SABPP is biased, their view of labour market power skewed in favour of employers rather than the Constitution.

What SABPP implies is unlawful. It ‘s unfair on job applicants in terms of the Constitution and denigrates  worker dignity in the labour market.

We believe SABPP violates the Competition Act as they undermine a fair competition for talent by spying on rival employers remuneration. Price fixing labour according to pay slips is anti-competition. The practice suggests collusion among employers to agree upon pay – as opposed to compete for talent.

“If new employees are placed incorrectly relative to existing employees, you could end up creating anomalies which are a source of employee grievances,” says Diaz.  

PaySlipBanSA Response:

When an employer identifies a vacancy, a budget is established based on their compensation structures and labour market surveys.  Recruitment is not a labour market wage scoping exercise. Pay is not relative in this context – it is downright stupid, unethical and undemocratic to demand pay slips in an effort to justify flawed remuneration policy.

Using job applicants payslips to establish an offer, besides being Constitutionally unfair and anti-competition in terms of the Competition Act, is akin to slavery.

Diaz lacks an intellectual argument. What he positions is a continuation of the apartheid era baaskap mentality. He perpetuates the belief that black labour is cheap and can be cheapened more by a morally deficit recruitment sector and those who pay for it  it. Unethical employers and their cronies transact inequality into the future.

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