SANOFI and Kelly Recruitment butcher human rights


SANOFI obstructs job seeker right to wage information in job adverts and knowingly violates S23.1 of the Constitution during recruitment. It’s insanely funny that they are advised by Kelly Recruitment who have been caught violating both the Constitution and Competition Act in the past.


They convey shocked innocence and wish to discuss their unlawful conduct offline and clandestinely.

But we’ve engaged and taught Kelly lessons in recruitment in 2017 and throughout 2018. It doesn’t seem smart to waste more time on them when clearly their learning is beyond slow!

Kelly is painfully familiar with our work as we publicly disciplined them in 2017 when they failed to operate in a  pro-poor manner when advertising opportunities in a vulnerable market. We were able to publicly prove that BANKSETA in cahoots with Kelly Recruitment obstructed human and economic rights.

Kelly has a history of using deviant and unfair recruitment tricks, it’s fortunate we’re here to keep exposing them!

PaySlipBanSA cannot afford to meet each monkey we nab. It’s not our position to negotiate with law-breaking firms.

Kelly Recruitment responds
Kelly recruitment wants to communicate privately
Kelly Recruitment ignores the Constitution

Help us take legal action against KELLY, SANOFI and other employers denying workers the right to fair wage negotiation.



leonie hall

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