Kelly Recruitment, SANOFI, SABPP and the Competition Commission

These four employers assume unfair powers they are not legally entitled to when recruiting. These firms ignore the Constitution and practice unfairly in the labour market.

Be on your guard if you have no choice but to deal with them.


  1. The Competition Commission of South Africa advertises jobs without including pay thereby violating S23.1 of the Constitution which says everybody is entitled to fair labour market practice and the Competition Act:
    • Job adverts without salary ranges are unfair to job applicants.
    • CCSA made it compulsory for applicants to the Competition Commission, established to prevent unfair market powers, to submit rival employer compensation information.
    • CCSA adopted a recruitment policy in 2018, god knows how they were running prior to that! When we took a look at their draft version, we noticed how bereft it was of real procedure, and how loaded it was with verbose waffle about their popcorn values.
    • The Competition Commission was reported to the Public Protector who opened a case against them, then mysteriously dropped it a few months later.
  2. SABPP: in a MoneyWeb article, the South African Board of People Practices endorse cheating and Competition Act breaches.
    • They requested a meeting to discuss our outrage at their lawless statements, we declined a clandestine discussion, explaining the meeting would need to be recorded and accessible to the public. They agreed.
    • We shared 19 studies backing our position up and requested they do the same. Not only did they fail to send us a shred of data, they also failed to be ready on the day chosen
    • We believe SABPP cannot defend their statements and ideological framework, and practice prejudice without fear of recourse. We conclude they are cowards and will continue attacking their anti-competition slave brand.
  3. Kelly Recruitment: This brand is familiar with public criticism.
    • In 2017 they advertised learnerships for BANKSETA that were not pro-poor and created barriers for a vulnerable market. Kelly clearly did not understand the concept of ethics in advertising and was forced to remove and redo the advert.
    • While Kelly has made claims about being lawful, evidence shows they are not.  Kelly is a labour market bully.
    • They advertise vacancies without being transparent about pay and spy on rival employer compensation and benefits. In this, we believe Kelly contravenes the Constitution and Competition Act.
  4. SANOFIis an international brand wielding immense labour market power which they use to their full advantage. They treat the public with contempt and no doubt impose this tone on job seekers too.
    • While claiming to be an equal opportunity employer, their conduct shows racism, sexist and all sorts of prejudice.
    • They have teamed up with monkey business fans, Kelly Recruitment.
    • True to form, all their job adverts are without pay information.
    • These two firms violate workers’ right to equal access to information, create entry barriers and discourage women in particular.
    • Kelly has repeatedly shown little or no respect for law, policy or ethics and we can expect their recruitment romance with SANOFI will bear the same features.

Do you want to stop unfair practices?

PaySlipBanSA has collected evidence against firms since 2016. We have a legal argument and lawyers to represent the People, the workforce of South Africa.

The only way most South Africans can build their wealth is to find work. For average citizens, jobs are critical for our survival and sustainability. How much a  job pays creates a living standard limit or opportunity. 

Income inequality shows that black people, women in particular, are worst off. Paid the least, they are able to provide the least for their families and can’t afford to invest or save.

Employers exploit job seekers’ vulnerability, often citing that job seekers are liars and that payslips reflect virtue, meaning, if you submit your payslip, you’re a person who is ‘good enough to be considered.’  Yet research shows that it’s employers and recruiters who are devious and prejudiced against the labour market.

The Constitution and Competition Act enshrines workers’ rights to fair practice, including fair competition for talent.

The four organisations listed in this article and those named in others on this site are too afraid to sue us for defamation as our attacks on their brand integrity reveal the truth.

We need your voice here NOW!



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