City of Tswhane adopts unfair recruitment practices

Job adverts that are not transparent about pay discourage applicants from applying as they are unfair.

No Stipend Amount in Apprenticeship Adverts not Pro-Poor

The City of Tshwane advertises apprenticeships to a vulnerable youth market, or perhaps they’re looking for trust fund kids?! Their advert excludes pay information which creates an entry barrier for applicants from marginalised communities.

They continue to include stipend information when marketing to these vulnerable groups of people desperate for opportunity.

Firms abuse their position of power when they use information advantages during recruitment. In 2017 we made BANKSETA remove similar Learnership adverts and redo them.

Inclusive and Pro-Poor Recruitment

Given our Constitution, a labour market principled on inclusion and access would make pay information compulsory in job adverts.

Since job seeking comes at a cost to applicants, it’s important to communicate as appealing an opportunity as possible to attract a large pool of the most suitable candidates.

Many recruiters argue they have no need to increase pools of applicants as plenty applies given our current economy. Yet in the next breath they state ‘it’s so difficult to find the right ONE as there aren’t many with the right skills and competencies!’

Unfair Information Advantages

Withholding information about pay is an abuse of power.

The more information applicants have about pay, the more equal the power during negotiation.

So by claiming more access to pay information than a job applicant, employers and recruiters abuse their position in the economy to assume power they are not entitled to.

Do something about fairness!


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