The SANOFI Psyche is Decisively Privileged Male

Displaying a lack of #equality understanding in their male ranks, the SANOFI brand reserves contempt for job seekers and workers.

SANOFI advertises without being transparent about pay. Pay Secrecy is a recognized power strategy economists and lawyers refer to as Information Asymmetry.

Gender Offender

Job adverts upfront about pay attract more applicants and at a higher quality. Women are discouraged from applying when they sense they have to assert themselves in a negotiation where the employer forces power from the onset.

Two privileged men in leadership roles at SANOFI allude to an inherently biased gendered organisational culture at SANOFI. High on first world power, they feel confident, safe in their dominance, to diminish an inequality protest originating in Africa against SANOFI on Linkedin.

We thought the French were progressive and unconditionally against inequality. PaySlipBanSA is disappointed with their unquantified objections to our legitimate protest on social media from their belittling sexist males.

Are women and black people paid less at SANOFI?

I don’t know what you have against (at the very beginning) Sanofi…but trying to connect with people from our beautifull group and respectful ! And asking them to answer to this … It’s maybe a way for you to create your buzz or to feed your destestation but between us… I really don’t know who you are and why you are asking us to answer … But do you really thing this is the good way to be understand and your message read ? My only feeling when I read this was to explain you that in Sanofi and in Sanofi Pasteur WE are proud about what WE are doing for public healt, WE are producing very helpful vaccines… And WE start at the very beginning with the rabies vaccines… You should maybe try….

All his response does is raise more questions about brand bigotry

Are Europeans paid more than Africans?

Secrecy is used to hide something, what are you hiding SANOFI?

Though we challenged him to explain how pay secrecy is fair, we believe Smolders can’t…but we wait in anticipation.

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