Siphiwe Mashoene from SABPP contacted #PaySlipBanSA to set up a meeting to discuss anti-competition statements made by Maphutha Diaz to MoneyWeb. 

We agreed based on condition that they read peer reviewed studies as preparation and that we record and stream the discussion.

We also challenged SABPP to share their peer reviewed studies supporting an unfair power position. Diaz and Mashoene dropped all meeting requests, disappearing as stealthily as thieves in the night.

The following is the #PaySlipBanSA email laying down the terms and conditions for an engagement SABPP couldn’t conform to.

Show us your evidence SABPP!

Good morning Siphiwe

I hope you’re well!
Unfortunately today isn’t going to happen.
Let’s rather set it up for Thursday 11am, that’s if you’re ready!

As an educator, ignorance disappoints me. Attached are several studies we request all meeting participants to read in preparation for our discussion.

Divide them up among yourselves please, you will need to know this data to engage with us or it will be a waste of our time.

We expect you to be able to reflect on your conduct and ideology against real data, not facile un-quantifiable beliefs sorely lacking in moral fiber.

Hopefully we can anticipate a discussion on how SABPP is going to be a champion for human rights, not conspiring against public interest.

Please let me know who will be attending. We will need to address your ideological construction, I trust you will have these architects present. If they no longer exist, neither should their ideas.
We also expect you to have the competencies to clarify the recruitment value chain SABPP subscribes to / understands. We believe you are sorely limited in this area and want to put you to the test.
On a personal note, I’ve been hammering SABPP for a meeting since 2016. I trust our time won’t be wasted further. We do not earn an income while defending Constitutional rights and correcting organisations, so please, honour our time and be prepared!
If you choose to change the meeting to a workshop so we can assist you and stop the vacillating, let me know so we can prepare a quote. Otherwise, work through the data on your own, rise to the challenge. It’s the virtuous thing to do.  
In closing, I wish to remind SABPP that we are all equal, none are more equal than others. No piece of legislation entitles employers to unlimited power over the labour market.  If you want to argue this, you need to have specific legislation to back you up in the same way we do.
Good luck.
If you can’t make it for Thursday as you need more time to prepare, that’s cool too. Like I said, it’s been 3 years of waiting already!

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PaySlipBanSA has challenged SABPP to a public debate in order to argue the legality of their conduct and defend it in the context of the Constitution. SABPP defends unfair employer monopsony powers. The practice of forcing job applicants to surrender confidential pay information while employers themselves are not transparent about pay during recruitment, is unfair.

Subscribing to a belief where job applicants, labour market participants, lose the right to fairly and freely negotiate for better economic opportunity (a job with better pay), obstructs constitutional rights.

Employers have the right to protect internal compensation information from being used by rival firms competing in the same pool for talent. This means employers can’t use competitor payslips to poach staff nor price-fix offers as this is anti-competition.

Our challenge to SABPP remains open,  we are ready to strip them of their prejudice.

Read more about organisations who conduct unfair recruitment thereby ensuring that inequality thrives in South Africa.

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