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South African Board for People Practices

SABPP Promotes Unlawful Recruitment Practices

Promoting HR that is banned in other countries, Siphiwe Mashoene from SABPP contacted #PaySlipBanSA to set up a meeting to argue anti-competition statements made by Maphutha Diaz to MoneyWeb. 

We agreed based on the condition that they read peer-reviewed studies as preparation and that we record and stream the discussion.

We asked SABPP to share peer-reviewed studies supporting their human resources deviance without realising this would scare them off. Diaz and Mashoene dropped all meeting requests, disappearing as stealthily as slavers in the night.

Disreputable SABPP

PaySlipBanSA has challenged SABPP to a public debate in order to argue the legality of their conduct and defend it in the context of the Constitution.

SABPP assumes a right to unlawful employer monopsony powers in labour markets. By doing so, they simply continue the apartheid legacy of racism and misogyny.

Given SABPP’s public support of the discriminatory practice of pay slip collusion, they should be shut down and prosecuted ASAP.

S23.1 ‘Fair’ Redundant by SABPP standards

The practice of forcing job applicants to surrender confidential pay information while employers themselves are not transparent about pay during recruitment, is unfair and unlawful.

Yet SABPP dismisses these facts as irrelevant.

SABPP deprives job applicants (labour market participants) of the right to fairly and freely negotiate for better economic opportunity (a job with better pay).

Ethical and quality-driven employers protect internal compensation information from being used by rival firms competing in the same pool of talent. This means employers can’t use competitor pay slips as basis for an offer as it amounts to poaching and price-fixing offers, this is anti-competition.

Our challenge to SABPP remains open, it’s critical we strip them of ignorance and prejudice or they must be shut down.

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