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Using Pay Secrecy KillS Recruitment Fairness

Job adverts that are not transparent about pay discourage applicants from applying as they are unfair. Applying to East Coast Radio is particularly hazardous for women and black people as their process suggests unfair wage negotiations.

East Coast Radio makes job seekers unfairly state their pay expectations without knowing what they are prepared to offer. This means if you state an amount lower than the range they have identified, you’ll be paid at the lower end.

If you state a high amount, they’ll likely want a payslip to verify what competitors pay, not because they’re actually interested in you.

It could be that pay is informed by race and gender at East Coast Radio, they refuse to respond to our questions so we can’t say for sure. What do you think? Add your voice.

Unfair Information Advantages

Withholding information about pay is an abuse of power.

Income inequality patterns are dominated by racist and sexist outcomes suggesting firms use payslips to spy on rival firm reward systems, to price-fix pay and poach employees.

When job applicants apply for jobs without knowing how much they will be paid, they become vulnerable to race and gender-based wage discrimination.

Think it’s fair power?

When an employer finds someone with the required skills who is willing to work for a lower amount, research shows they’ll exploit the opportunity.

East Coast radio employers are abusing their position of power in the labour market as they know there are those who are willing to submit to this unfair process for the sake of a job with them.

Do you think this power is fair? Click here to add your voice.

Section 23.1 of the Constitution says we are all entitled to fair labour practice.

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