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#PaySlipBanSA has evidence the Competition Commission of South Africa colludes with firms to price-fix wages across Health and all sectors. Their conduct is illegal and the Commissioners quite possibly accept bribes from firms in order to ignore blatant labour market violations.

Iniquitous Competition for Talent

Pay Slip Ban SA is calling South Africans to unite behind a campaign to challenge abuse of power and defend worker rights. You canĀ help us advocate for change and tackle exploitation!

Commissioners Violate Constitutional Rights S23.1

The Competition Commission advertises vacancies without including a salary range. The practice of pay secrecy places job applicants at a wage negotiating disadvantage.

If you’re a job applicant, you’ll know that pay secrecy has exploded even though decades of research proves transparency attracts a larger and better pool of applicants.

Secrecy violates the Constitutional right to fair labour practice. Unfair adverts are not legitimate in the South African labour market.

Market Related Salary Ambiguity

‘MRS’ and pay ‘negotiable’ are popular terms in Health sector job adverts. The Commission recently published a health sector analysis without even considering the labour market and the impacts of employer monopsony power.

MRS is an indictment on employers, it confirms that they are blatantly perpetuating patterns of inequality.

‘Market rates’ define instituted Wage Inequality. It means continuing unequal pay: if you’re black, you’re paid less than a white and if you’re a woman, less than men.

MRS alludes to nothing good. Ethical recruiters simply do not use a term so succinctly denoting exploitation.

International pharmacy firm, SANOFI uses pay secrecy and ambiguity to exploit job applicants hoping for a better future.

Sanofi and Kelly

SANOFI male executives operating from New York and France attacked us for defending women and black people in Africa but could not refer us to a compensation policy validating their claims of virtue.

An international employer operating with impunity, we believe SANOFI must publish their wages and prove their compensation is not discriminatory – racially, geographically and gender biased.

Sponsor Our Work for Fairness

SANOFI makes use of Kelly, a recruitment firm demanding pay slips and pay expectation information from job applicants without ever being upfront about a job offer.

Kelly is known to be anti-poor and take a draconian approach to the job market. They have a dim view of the law and appear willing to compromise their reputation and that of clients for a profit.

In 2016, Kelly placed recruitment adverts for BANK SETA that had to be removed as they violated a human right to dignity on a range of levels. They were obliged to redo their work and apologise, they’re thus familiar with what is right and what is criminal, yet…

Kelly Recruit violates the Competition Act and obstructs the Constitution in an unhindered slave trade business.

The Competition Commission fails to address rampant issues of price-fixing and iniquitous conduct. They steer a labour market cartel in the direction of exploitation.

Commissions ‘CTC’ Cheating

Unlawful recruitment doesn’t only contravene the Constitution. Competition Law is used to balance the interests of workers, consumers and owners.

When employers share ‘Cost to Company’ information with rivals, it destabilises the economy and society as it creates an inefficient, unbalanced labour market patterned by price-fixed wages and income inequality.

Labour ensures each sector of the economy is operational yet their rights continue to dwindle and wages don’t improve along with profits.

The Competition Commission appears to be in close cahoots with exploitative employers, obstructing a fair competition for talent by forcing job applicants to surrender rival employer compensation information.

When asked why they spy on rival employers competing in the same market for talent, they re-posted the adverts to include pay. We took that as a good sign, but….

They have since refused to account for their behaviour and don’t advocate nor allow a dialogue for fair labour market competition.

The Commission makes great efforts to obliterate rational market intelligence and protect exploitation and lawlessness.

Banning the Public

Commissioner Tembinkosi Bonakele and deputy Hardin Ratshisusu violate our economic rights with impunity. They are currently desperate to eradicate and continue obstructing those who expose their maleficence.

The Commission is anti worker rights and the public, according to them, South Africa is an indentured labour market where they hold our rights ransom.

Please Sign our Petition for a FAIR Labour Market. Click here!

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