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Do black people and women knowingly accept unequal wages?

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Competition Commission South Africa obstructs human rights in labour markets

Commissioner Bonakele at the Competition Commission says he doesn’t know how Competition Law can impact poverty and inequality.

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The Competition Commission has succeeded in obstructing public input since 2016 when we first submitted concerns regarding widespread legal violations.

We have subsequently witnessed how the Competition Commission themselves obstruct justice, aligning themselves with collusive employers who price-fix pay. Read more about that.

Take a look at the phenomenal Warren plan to give workers equal status in the US.

The Competition Commission would find their answers to how Industrial Relations and Competition regulations are intertwined.

The plan is about addressing unfair employer power called monopsony. It’s a plan impacted by current economic patterns and not irrelevant theoretical constructs. It doesn’t just talk about gender pay parity, it targets it. It’s frikkin awesome, we hope local unions are inspired.

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#PaySlipBanSA is trying to get a mention on the show and hope Senator Warren will give our workers and President Ramaphosa a shout out.

PaySlipBanSA is ready for legal action.


PaySlipBanSA outlined the legal case the public has against the Competition Commission of South Africa.  Black people and women are coerced into accepting inequality by non-compete cartel employers.


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