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Is the CallForce Pay Slip Price Tag the secret to their success? CallForce uses unfair recruitment practices and when you research their pay, it’s easy to see why!

Callforce requires payslips from job applicants and is reputed to pay badly.  Their job adverts are mostly secret about pay, making it easy for unethical recruiters to coerce applicants into accepting unfair offers positioned as fair.

Wage Reviews

Reviews on are bad. Low pay is consistently raised in comments and it becomes clear that CallForce makes little or no effort to retain talent.

CallForce can use unfair information advantages to drive salaries down, and their adverts placed for clients, show the same pattern of unfair recruitment initiated by job advert pay secrecy.

Perhaps CallForce works hard at driving wages down to earn client approval and industry accolades. This power to control pay information and how wages are negotiated is called employer monopsony power.

Instead of being transparent about pay, when they pay that is, many jobs advertised are for commissions only; in others, they use ambiguous terms to describe remuneration.

CallForce claims that pay is market-related, according to Indeed reviews, this would be at the lowest end of the market. ‘Negotiable’ another misnomer, is also frequently included.

When job applicants apply to a vacancy without knowing how much an employer is willing to pay, they are placed at a negotiating disadvantage.

Besides infringing upon the Constitutional right to fairness, CallForce maximises its information advantages by violating the Competition Act and spies on rival employers competing in the same pool for talent.

CallForce can use rival employer pay to price-fix and poach, both these acts are anti-competition. While we should be able to count on the Competition Commission to investigate these violations, they fail to do so as the Commission is maleficent.


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