Friday, December 3, 2021

Labour power in South Africa is being silently broken as a result of policy conflicts within government.

Employers wield unfair power during times of high unemployment and can use inequality to revitalize profitability and reduce the cost of production. Our free market economy removes workers rights to negotiate wages fairly to derive optimum economic benefits from their labour.

S23.1 of the Constitution enshrines labour market fairness, yet unfair employer power, called Monopsony, prevails.

The Constitution elevates fairness while the Competition Act must balance the interests of workers, owners and consumers.

It’s unfair and deeply immoral to sacrifice the sacrosanct worker right to fairly negotiate wages for the benefit of consumers and owners.

Some employers want workers to believe they should be willing to work for low wages if they are virtuous. Appoint Africa and NGO Help2Read justify a lack of pay transparency by claiming they use unfair information advantages to verify a candidate’s virtue. Truworths says they use secrecy as workers over estimate their market worth.

People Solved, Kelly Recruit, O’Brien Recruitment, Nurturing Futures each obstruct a fair competition for talent by spying on rival firms competing in the same markets for talent. They demand pay slips or cost to company information in order to poach and price-fix pay.

Here’s the full swindlers list:

  1. Anglo American
  2. Auditor General South Africa
  3. Appoint Africa
  4. Bowmans
  5. Callforce Recruitment
  6. City of Tshwane
  7. Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr
  8. Competition Competition South Africa
  9. Datanomy Solutions
  10. East Coast Radio
  11. Help2Read – NGO
  12. Herbert Smith Freehills
  13. Get Smarter
  14. Kagiso Media
  15. Kelly Recruit SA
  16. Nurturing Futures
  17. Peermont Global
  18. People Solved Recruitment
  19. Petra Diamonds
  20. O’Brien Recruitment
  21. SABPP
  22. SANOFI
  23. Smollan
  24. Takealot
  25. Transnet
  26. Truworths
  27. Webber Wentzel and Linklaters

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