Wednesday, May 25, 2022

PaySlipBanSA produced an infographic to explain how employers abuse their positions of power during recruitment to drives wages down and institute inequality.

State of Recruitment South Africa 2019

While our infographic has evolved, the message stays the same:

The Constitution and Competition Act enshrine fairness and equality. Both are violated by unfair employers during recruitment.

When employers advertise job vacancies without being upfront about pay they create an information advantage for themselves. This is known as information asymmetry.

When applicants apply to these jobs and are contacted for their wage expectations and pay history, their shot at a fair wage negotiation is destroyed.

Employers want to pay workers less and don’t want to compete for talent. Instead, they spy on rivals by forcing job applicants to divulge cost-to-company information and pay slips.

Does privilege skew the lens?

The former public protector, Thuli Madonsela wrote a moving piece ‘Inequality Time Bomb’ without confronting power.

Her lengthy [iece failed to once refer to unlawful employer power

What do you think? can the privileged really solve poverty when inequality serves them as employers?

Read our full response to Professor Thuli Madonsela
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