Thursday, July 29, 2021

The Competition Commission of South Africa is maleficent on many levels. Adhering to Apartheid economics, these Constitutional deviants obstruct ‘fairness’ in labour markets.

Commissioners Violate Constitutional Rights

The Competition Commission advertised vacancies without including a salary range. The practice of pay secrecy places job applicants at a wage negotiating disadvantage.

We challenged their secrecy but CompComSA refused to address public questions regarding their recruitment policy and ethics.

Employers must be upfront about pay when recruiting

Competition Killers

Job seekers clicking through to the CompComSA application form had to respond to a compulsory question about their cost to company (CTC).

The problem with this is that the Competition Commission is mandated to protect fair market competition. We asked them why they spy on rival employers competing in the same market for talent?

Labour markets (along with PaySlipBanSA and women in general) are repeatedly ignored in CompCom’s industry analysis papers.

Labour, it seems, barely and rarely ranks on their radar even though Competition Law is supposed to be used to balance the interests of workers, consumers and owners.

This means wages cannot be compromised for the sake of profit or consumer pricing.

CompCom’s ‘CTC’ Cheating

When employers share ‘Cost to Company’ information with rivals, it destabilises the economy and society as it creates an inefficient, unbalanced labour market patterned by price-fixed wages and income inequality.

CompComSA appears to maintain an unfair competition for talent by being complicit in job applicants surrendering rival employer remuneration information.

While we laud the Commission for eventually re-posting the adverts to include pay and removed the CTC question from the application form, they refuse to be held accountable to the public.

We took their changed adverts as a good sign, but….

The refusal to engage, advocate and allow a dialogue for fair labour market competition is terribly concerning.

Please Sign our Petition for a FAIR Labour Market. Click here!

CompComSA refuses to investigate unlawful employer power. 150 Year law firm Webber Wentzel refuses to respond to question regarding their recruitment.

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