A study of CallForce recruitment reveals the dominance of unfair practices riddling labour markets. PaySlipbanSA researched their practices to understand their process for hiding and suppressing wage information.

What’s Fair about CallForce?

Is Callforce a fair employer? What do their employees say about pay?

It’s concerning that when it comes to their recruitment, very little appears fair.

Wage Research

Callforce reviews on Indeed are pretty bad.

Low pay is consistently raised in comments and it becomes clear that CallForce makes little or no effort to retain talent.

Their job adverts are mostly secret about pay, making it easy for unethical recruiters to coerce applicants into accepting unfair offers positioned as fair.

Callforce demands payslips from job applicants thereby restricting the right to fair wage negotiation, likely using information advantages to maintain low pay and anti-competition labour practice.

Instead of being transparent about pay, when they pay that is! -many jobs advertised are for commission only; in others they use ambiguous terms to describe remuneration.

CallForce claims their offers are market-related, according to Indeed reviews, this would be at the very lowest end of the market. ‘Negotiable’ another misused term, is also frequently used to describe what appears to be unfair and potentially unequal pay.

Below are screenshots of some of the online information obtained

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