This infographic illustrates the four steps recruiters and employers must take to ensure lawful recruitment practice.

Four Steps to Fair Recruitment Can Shift Inequality

Recruitment is an inequality trap for many South Africans who are desperately seeking work. When a recruitment process doesn’t openly share a salary range with work seekers but collects vast amounts of wage information throughout the process, it is unfair and unlawful.

The Constitution states that everybody is entitled to fair labour practice yet recruitment is noticeably unfair. The public must voice their dissatisfaction so that we can take action.

Pay Transparency during recruitment

Employers use unfair information advantages and purposefully create information gaps about wages for job applicants.

Fair and ethical recruitment is possible when employers are upfront about pay.

If you’re a job seeker, watch out for firms using pay secrecy while demanding all your most confidential information.

Job seekers being forced to divulge their pay history and payslips, are used by anti-competitive firms to drive wages down and destroy a fair competition for talent among employers.

The infograph below lists the 4 simple steps to follow if you’re a recruiter or policy maker who wants to do recruitment right!

4 Steps to Fair

Four steps to fair recruitment
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