Wednesday, May 25, 2022

If you’re tired of recruiters asking for your pay slips, strike back!

Pay Slip Ban SA campaigns against employers and recruitment firms who demand rival employer pay slips when recruiting.

We understand job seeker vulnerability and how desperate they are to impress. This is why the #PaySlipbanSA campaign encourages everyone to advocate against the practice.

Please sign our petition

If you’re looking for a job and have been asked about your current cost to company, ask your friends and #PaySlipBanSA to advocate on your behalf.

Let others pressure the organisations concerned without compromising your opportunity. If job seekers challenge them upfront they’re more likely to be dropped from the selection process.

My fellow South Africans

Please tweet this to our president every Sunday, as many times as possible. Always include the hashtag #PaySlipBanSA.

@CyrilRamaphosa #PaySlipBanSA My fellow South Africans Recruiters demanding #payslips are #unconstitutional. Prosecute them.

Do you demand pay slips when recruiting?

These giphys contain messages about why sharing pay slips is wrong. We asked American recruitment professionals their take, click to read their views.

Please include the hashtag #PaySlipBansa when you share!

What does Pay Slip Ban SA challenge?

#PaySlipBanSA challenges

HOW MUCH is paid.

How much -the amount an employer allocates to a vacant position in line with organizational policy.

WHAT IS PAID -employers who establish offers arbitrarily, often based on rival employer pay.

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