Wednesday, May 25, 2022

SABPP, Nuturing Futures and Petra Diamonds rank high among disreputable brands. Their silent acceptance of our protest art is likely because the Constitution is worth more than the value of their morally bereft trademarks.

Readers are familiar with PaySlipBanSA’s ‘take no terror from terrorists’ approach! Well it’s about to get a whole lot worse for brand leaders refusing to respect the highest law of the land, the Constitution and fair labour practice.

Silent Acceptance

It’s difficult for firms to take legal action against our artwork even when their logos are used.


The human resources upheld by the South African Board for Peoples Practices, belongs in an Apartheid text book. The SABPP HR model robs workers of wages and discriminates against black people and women.

Not that THAT’S anything new!

Please sign our petition

Read what we wrote to SABPP on Linkedin


Petra Diamonds

Petra Diamonds forces job applicants to disclose rival employer pay slips.

What a former employer paid is not relevant to another employer.

Petra Diamonds has no issue with us using their logo or images of their board members.

Isn’t the racial and gender composition interesting? Do you think the two women showed their pay slips to join all those old white men?

Our public statement to Petra Diamonds on Linkedin

Petra Diamonds

Nurturing Futures

Most firms break the law in secret. This sloppy recruitment firm openly breaks the law when recruiting and disappears when questioned.

Nurturing Futures

Download and Share Everywhere!

The more these images are shared, the sooner we can prevent these organizations from operating and obstructing the law.

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