Henley Africa Webber Wentzel Defamation

Laughamation and desecration of their reputation when attempting to defend pay secrecy

The levels of pay secrecy and lunacy in academia and the beleagured legal sector is no joke.

On 16 May 2019 PaySlipBanSA received Webber Wentzel’s threat of a defamation suit.

Job Advert Pay Secrecy

Contrary to international standards, business school Henley Africa ignored decades of research to perpetuate a legacy of human rights violations in South African labour markets.

Henley’s resentful dean who would benefit from reading more academic journals and adopting life-long learning principles. After numerous persuasive messages, he eventually conceded that pay transparency is the better way forward.

What happened next? The advert was reposted and included a salary range. That’s knice with a k because justice cut like a knife hmm? But then not wanting to look like an ignorant fool, the Dean wanted to remove the evidence marking his public learning journey.

Feeling exposed, Henley Africa probably speed-dialled Webber Wentzel, that crusty mutant 150-year law firm. Shouldn’t something that old be dead? F’sakes how’s the legal sector evolving if it’s inbred?

Webber Wentzel is chopped colesLaw

Webber Wentzel opted for a low-level defamation argument, will it work?
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Yussus. Does this letter intimidate you?

Are you still there?! You’re a champ! So what did you think of their scarey-scarey?

Do you believe demanding job advert pay transparency is right? It takes 1 minute, please show your support here! Click for fairness!

The response to boys club members Henley Business School, Webber Wentzel and Linklaters.


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