Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Defamation LOL!

On 16 May 2019 PaySlipBanSA received Webber Wentzel’s threat of a defamation suit.

Job Advert Pay Secrecy

Contrary to international standards, business school Henley Africa shunned decades of research to perpetuate a legacy of human rights subjugation in South Africa’s labour markets.

After numerous persuasive messages directed at Henley’s resentful dean who should no doubt read more academic journals, he eventually conceded.

However, determined to maintain a delusion of grandeur and perception of brand integrity, he wanted to eradicate the evidence.

Lack of intellectual integrity exposed, Henley Africa speed dialed Webber Wentzel, crusty mutant 150 year law firm. Shouldn’t something that old be dead?

Webber Wentzel Chopped ColesLaw

Webber Wentzel opted for a low level defamation argument, will it work?
Page 2 Henley Africa / Webber Wentzel
Does this letter intimidate you?

Do you believe demanding job advert pay transparency is right? It takes 1 minute, please show your support here! Click for fairness!

Our response to boys club members Henley Business School, Webber Wentzel and Linklaters.

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