Monday, July 4, 2022

Takealot job adverts are labour market slave trade signals. Fancy corporate culture descriptors can’t hide the draconian controlling tone emanating from their online application form.

Subjugation of Human Rights

Degradation of Dignity

Modern Slavery

Job Advert Pay Secrecy

The Takealot job advert is not upfront about pay placing job seekers at an information disadvantage.

The application form posted on the same page as the advert contains a section requiring all applicant’s confidential, privileged wage information.

We doubt Kim Reid would agree to disclose the same information if he was looking for a job. As an employer he demonstrates a colonial power position informed by racism and misogyny.

Spying on rival employer pay and stripping job seekers of their right to dignity and equality is unconstitutional.

Extorting rival employer pay slips is an act of intimidation to harass job seekers, make them feel worthless and stripped of their humanity.

Reliance on rival employer competition sensitive wage information is a sign of inherent criminality within the Takealot organization.

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