Wednesday, May 25, 2022

It’s time to begin fresh conversations about income inequality and distributive justice.

Wage discrimination is easily implemented when employers adopt pay secrecy during recruitment.

Pay Slip Price-fix

South African employers openly extort rival employer pay slips from job applicants during recruitment.

The practice of using competitor firms proprietary information to establish wages, outlawed in many American states, has been found to give rise to income inequality.

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Young Women’s Trust chief executive says

“We have to break the cycle that traps women in low pay. Women often start work on a lower salary than men, move to a new job and are paid based on their previous wage, as opposed to what they or the role are worth – so they continue to be paid less. Ending this practice is crucial to ending the gender pay gap.

“Our research shows that women are more likely to disregard jobs if they feel their skills don’t match up to them, compared to men who often apply anyway.

Including salary details in job adverts would help women to see that jobs are in fact at their level and give them an idea of where they should be negotiating from to progress their pay.”

Dr Carole Easton OBE



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