Monday, July 4, 2022

Black women are cheap.

The Competition Commission proudly protects continued labour market inequality and the subjugation of women and Black people in South Africa. When Black women submit their pay slips to employers during recruitment, patterns of low pay and market subservience are established.

Black Women Robbed

Most employers remain male and mostly white, displaying old Apartheid power patterns entrenched in South African society.

Women are most likely to be unemployed and underpaid when employed, yet are unprotected in labour markets making them most susceptible to wage discrimination and wage theft.

Compulsory Price-fixing

Employers make it compulsory for job applicants to submit rival employer pay slips. The South African Board for People’s Practices has publicly endorsed income inequality for women by claiming employers sharing each other’s pay slips are legitimate practice.

When employers share competition sensitive pay slips, it means they don’t compete for talent but limit opportunity by conspiring on wages.

This practice, banned elsewhere, entrenches unfair pay patterns in South Africa and harms women and Black people the most.

6 Ways Recruitment is Anti-competition

Fair competition
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