Sunday, January 26, 2020

PaySlipBanSA has a global vision to address income inequality and wage discrimination

We Question Why Pay is Secret in Job Adverts

Secrecy discourages applicants from applying; candidates who do submit, are usually contacted and questioned about pay expectations and pay history.

This is problematic as it places job seekers at a wage negotiation disadvantage, called an information gap or information asymmetry.

PaySlipBanSA argues that firms conducting recruitment in this manner perpetuate income inequality, instituting race and gender based discrimination in labour markets.

Is Unfair Legal?

The Constitution enshrines fair labour practice in section 23.1. As recruitment is a vital labour market function and the entry point at which wage is negotiated, S23.1 is applicable to job applicants.

‘People are paid what they’re worth’  when they apply to firms practicing wage discrimination is a myth.

Talent Competition

Job Applicants are forced to disclose current and past pay received in an effort to ‘peg’ them, opening the door for discrimination and wage price-fixing.

The Competition Act states that workers, consumers and owners are equal and that their interests must be balanced.

Information sharing during recruitment is biased in favor of employers and recruiters abusing their positions of power to coerce job applicants into divulging rival employer compensation information.

Conversely, recruiter or employer upfront declarations regarding the salary range on offer are missing.

Employers and recruiters use these unfair information advantages to profit and perpetuate prejudice, discrimination and wage inequality in South Africa.

Employer pay secrecy results in information disadvantages for applicants. Lack of information transparency in adverts discourages many job seekers from applying or from making a sincere effort.

It’s called information asymmetry  when an employer has more information than a job applicant during wage negotiation. PaySlipBanSA cites S23.1 of the Constitution ‘everybody is entitled to fair labour practice’ when we ask firms how adverts omitting pay are fair to job seekers.


Fair is Enshrined in the Constitution and Competition Act

#PaySlipBanSA believes employers violate the Competition Act, when they demand confidential disclosures about pay history and payslips from job applicants.

This results in a lack of labour market competition leading to stagnating, falling and unequal pay.

Pay Transparency and the War against Inequality

Begins with Employers and Recruiters

Employers regularly initiate recruitment with an advert that is not upfront about pay.

Organisations ignore S23.1 of the Constitution and the Competition Act, to unfairly obtain payslips and current cost to company information from job seekers. This suggests that competitors can poach talent and deny individual economic rights by price-fixing pay.

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PAYSLIPBANSA says Employer Monopsony Power is Unlawful

Predatory recruitment must be banned. Employers are not entitled:

TO collect rival firm pay slips and cost to company information from job applicants to apply wage discrimination and perpetuate unequal and unfair race and gender bound compensation.

TO agree among each other about compensation, either at a specific level or within a range;

TO agree with another firm about employee benefits or any other terms and conditions related to wages

TO express to competitors that they should not compete aggressively for talent

TO exchange company-specific information about employee compensation or terms of employment with another company

TO exchange documents containing another firm’s internal data about employee compensation

TO force job applicants into anti-competition acts

TO diminish job applicant dignity by obstructing their right to fairness

TO breach job applicant trust when using confidential wage disclosures against them

TO falsely advertise vacancies to use applicants for labor market wage surveys


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