The PaySlipBanSA conversation about income inequality

Wages are unfairly negotiated as employers are anti-competition in labour markets, they don’t compete for talent and suppress wage information for job seekers.

PaySlipBanSA monitors 20 organisations, including NGO’s, to document unfair practices.

Members of the public can add firms to this list by contacting PaySlipBanSA. We also advise job applicants when they contact us for support.

Our campaign is in it for the long game, documents such as employment contracts and recruitment emails requesting payslips or CTC are vital to proving discriminatory practices are widespread conventions requiring urgent attention.

PaySlipBanSA – so named to address a tool for labour market inequality.

Wage inequality severely impacts black people and women, yet their pay remains ‘price-fixed’ by anti-competitive employers who use pay slips to poach and unfairly ‘benchmark’ wages.

SAPaySlipBanSA studies recruitment

In 2016, an illegal learnership and employment contract issued by PSG, then brushed under the carpet by INSETA, suggested how the opportunity for exploitation and illegal contracts emerged.

No fear of consequences

The following chain of events shows how easily exploitation and unlawful employment conditions occur:

  • PSG advertised learnerships that were not learnerships, a few days in-house sales training doesn’t cut it.
  • youth with little or no experience were targeted for this fake opportunity
  • youth signed employment contracts called ‘learnership contracts’
  • if you resigned, you could be hunted down to pay back money received while on this fake learnership
  • PSG creates a context for indentured labour
  • INSETA, an authority required to report such deviance to Labour, merely tut-tutted and blundered their way through.
  • There were no consequences for PSG but they were forced to drop their demand for ransom money after confronted by us.

Literature reviews, job applicant communication and online recruitment conduct informed a value chain analysis identifying iniquitous patterns.

Legislation: Employers compete for talent

Many current recruitment practices, regulated elsewhere in the world, result in discriminatory wage offers when payslips are used to benchmark offers in South Africa.


According to the Competition Act and Constitution, consumers and owners do not have more market rights than workers.

This means worker wages cannot be sacrificed to protect share-holders and consumers.

Employer pay secrecy creates information disadvantages for applicants.

Secrecy is a widely acknowledged turn-off, especially when job applicants are thereafter contacted and questioned about pay expectations and pay history while the employer is never equally as upfront.

Why is Pay Secret in Job Adverts?

It’s an imbalance of power in favor of employers.

Is Unfair Legal?


Predatory Recruitment must be Banned.

Talent Competition

The Competition Act states that workers, consumers and owners are equal and that their interests must be balanced.

Constitution and Competition Act

Organisations ignore S23.1 of the Constitution and the Competition Act, to unfairly obtain payslips and current cost to company information from job seekers.

Employers create a lack of labour market competition resulting in stagnating, falling and unequal pay. when they violate the Competition Act, by demanding disclosures such as rival employer payslips from job applicants.


PaySlipBanSA advocates for and drives change.

Just Law provides legal support and our crowdfunding platform.

Use #PayslipBanSA to tell your story.

Screenshot unfair recruitment adverts. Forward recruiter emails to friend@payslipbansa.co.za

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