Thursday, August 22, 2019

Why does #PayslipBanSA Exist?

We believe unfair (asymmetric) information advantages dominate the recruitment value chain instilling prejudice, discrimination and burgeoning inequality in South Africa. While the public repeatedly complains that employer pay secrecy and demands for rival firm compensation details limit job seeker mobility and rights to economic freedom.

#PaySlipBanSA is currently driven by two citizens, Leonie Hall and Vusi Zikalala. We work in the gig economy, from time to time we apply or are headhunted for jobs.  Our own experiences reflect those reported to us by members of the public, employers and operators in recruitment.

#PaySlipBanSA is holistically informed and ensures arguments are backed up by legal precedents, study precedents and common sense.

Just Law provides legal support and administers our crowdfunding account. Please do consider sponsorship, our team is capable of driving the labour market changes South Africa needs.

Recruitment Cheats Use Secrecy

Employers regularly advertise positions without disclosing a pay range. This creates an information disadvantage for applicants and the lack of information discourages many from applying or making a sincere effort. When one party to a negotiation has more information than another, it’s called information asymmetry.

#PaySlipBanSA believes employers are in contravention of the Competition Act, when they demand confidential disclosures about pay history and payslips from job applicants. This results in a lack of labour market competition leading to stagnating, falling and unequal pay.

Organisations flouting S23.1 of the Constitution and the Competition Act, unfairly obtain payslips and current cost to company information, undermining labour market competitors to poach talent and deny economic rights by price-fixing pay.

PAYSLIPBANSA contends that it is illegal for firms:

  • to agree among each other about compensation, either at a specific level or within a range;

  • to agree with another firm about employee benefits

  • express to competitors that they should not compete aggressively for talent

  • to exchange company-specific information about employee compensation or terms of employment with another company

  • exchange documents containing another firm’s internal data about employee compensation

  • to implicate job applicants in industrial espionage

  • to falsely advertise vacancies, indiscriminately advertise and use applicants as labour market research tools


  1. The banning of pay history and payslip questions during recruitment processes
  2. Recruitment regulations and consequences for those depriving job seekers of their rights
  3. Job advertising in line with Constitutional values; that conform to ethical standards, not those allowing abuse of power and information asymmetry.
  4. Firms employing 100 or more employees to submit remuneration reports available for public scrutiny
  5. Youth employment platforms such as Harambee must make wage reports available to the public
  6. DoL to research effects of pay transparency

South African citizens are encouraged to

use the #PayslipBanSA to tell their story.

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