Monday, July 4, 2022


Our conversation about income inequality

PaySlipBanSA – so named to address a tool for labour market inequality: rival employer pay slips.

Employers must compete fairly in labour markets or they violate human rights.

Employers are anti-competition in labour markets when they establish wages based on rival employer pay slips thereby denying society the right to wage information and distributive justice.

PaySlipBanSA receives recruitment emails forwarded from the public requesting payslips or CTC when applying for jobs.

These requests prove discriminatory practices are widespread conventions that require urgent attention.

Wage inequality severely impacts black people and women, yet their pay remains ‘price-fixed’ by anti-competitive employers who use pay slips to unfairly ‘benchmark’ wages.

SAPaySlipBanSA studies recruitment

PaySlipBanSA Watch list, documenting unfair practices.


According to the Competition Act and Constitution, consumers and owners do not have more market rights than workers.

Employer pay secrecy creates information disadvantages for applicants.

Secrecy creates an imbalance of power in favor of employers.

Predatory Recruitment must be Banned.

The Competition Act states that workers, consumers and owners are equal and that their interests must be balanced.

Constitution and Competition Act

Organisations ignore S23.1 of the Constitution and the Competition Act, to unfairly obtain payslips and current cost to company information from job seekers.

Employers create a lack of labour market competition resulting in stagnating and unequal pay.

Use #PayslipBanSA to tell your story.

Screenshot unfair recruitment adverts. Forward recruiter emails to

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