Thursday, August 22, 2019


These Employers deny job applicants their human and economic rights in South Africa.

They assume their monkey business is safe.

Monkeys ignore job seeker right to Constitutional fairness, they advertise without being transparent about pay, spy on rival firms competing in the same talent pool to poach talent and price-fix pay.

They do one or all of the following:

  1. pay is secret in job adverts, they don’t include a specific pay range nor refer you to a compensation policy tabling pay scales
  2. recruiters contact job applicants and ask about their pay expectations without being upfront about the salary for the vacancy
  3. without making an offer, these suited tsotsis demand payslips from job applicants
  4. suited tsotsis drop job applicants if they refuse to divulge their pay expectations, pay history and payslips.


Sanoffi, Kelly, Competition Commission, SABPP


O’Brien Recruitment


PaySlipBanSA demands fairness during recruitment processes and wage negotiation and believe it’s in the public interest to take up this up and lobby for a Really Fair labour market.

Help us create the awareness and process for change to close the inequality gap in South Africa.

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Making Constitutional fairness really fair by being fair.


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