Thursday, November 21, 2019
Unfair Firms

Unfair Firms

Employers deny job applicants their human and economic rights during recruitment in South Africa

Unfair firms omit pay in job adverts then ask questions about pay history and expectations without being upfront about pay first. Unfair firms demand rival employer payslips or ‘cost to company’ information suggesting poaching, collusion and wage price-fixing.

  1. Auditor General South Africa
  2. Appoint Africa
  3. Callforce Recruitment
  4. City of Tshwane
  5. Competition Competition South Africa
  6. East Coast Radio
  7. Help2Read – NGO
  8. Herbert Smith Freehills
  9. Get Smarter
  10. Kagiso Media
  11. Kelly Recruit SA
  12. Nurturing Futures
  13. People Solved Recruitment
  14. O’Brien Recruitment
  15. SABPP
  16. SANOFI
  17. Smollan
  18. Transnet
  19. Truworths
The Constitution enshrines fairness

These firms ignore job seeker right to Constitutional fairness and the right to pursue economic opportunity as enshrined in the Competition Act. 


They do one or all of the following:

  1. pay is secret in job adverts, they don’t include a specific pay range nor refer you to a compensation policy tabling pay scales
  2. unethical recruiters contact job applicants and ask about their pay expectations without being upfront about the salary for the vacancy
  3. without every being upfront about pay themselves, unfair firms demand payslips and cost to company information from job applicants
  4. unfair firms drop job applicants if they refuse to divulge their pay expectations, pay history and payslips.

Fairness during recruitment process and wage negotiation

It’s our right to have a Really Fair labour market.

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