Friday, July 19, 2019
Just Law


Payslipbansa welcomes Just Law advocates to our team and looks forward to making our mission against inequality a reality!

Please support our crowdfunding campaign to we can advocate for a FAIR, REALLY FAIR labour market. Give a little, or give generously!

Your support will take us to a court victory!

Pay Slip Ban SA contends that it’s unfair

  • For employers to agree among each other about compensation, either at a specific level or within a range;
  • For one employer to agree with another about employee benefits
  • To express to competitors that they should not compete aggressively for talent
  • To exchange company-specific information about employee compensation or terms of employment with another company
  • To exchange documents containing another firm’s internal data about employee compensation
  • To implicate job applicants in anti-competition acts
  • To falsely advertise vacancies, indiscriminately advertise and use applicants as labour market research tools
  • If the employer knows what their compensation limits are, yet practice ambiguity in adverts to diminish fairness

Like what we do highlighting economic injustice?

You can sponsor our volunteers fighting for labour market justice!

Making Constitutional fairness really fair by being fair.

Pay Slip Ban SA champions the cause of fairness during recruitment processes and wage negotiation.

We believe it’s in the public interest to take up this up and lobby for a Really Fair labour market.

Help us create the awareness and process for change to close the inequality gap in South Africa.

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