As a Civil Movement, we need your support to lobby

for youth and job seekers protections that can prevent exploitation and disenfranchisement.

Your contributions will make a difference in creating awareness about malpractices that lead to abuse in the workplace.

Our Goals and Intentions are to:-

  • To challenge policies and behaviour infringing upon individuality and that restrict collective negotiating power.
  • To champion the human rights to dignity and empowered economic agency.
  • To deconstruct labour market inequalities, identify reverse actions required and raise public awareness.
  • To champion a competitive labour market environment where employers compete fairly for talent, enjoying their right to nurture and invest in a loyal workforce, in keeping with the Constitution and Competitions Act.
  • To challenge disempowering and destructive Human Resource Practices entrenching inequality and an unethical competition for talent.
  • To lobby specifically for youth and job seeker protections that can prevent exploitation and disenfranchisement.
  • To disrupt behaviours deterring the right to fair wage negotiations and labour arrangements.

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Together we can help make fair really fair.