Monday, July 4, 2022


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Unfair information advantages about pay during recruitment means wages are shaped by patterns of inequality.


Sign up if Your Organisation Adopts Recruitment Pay Transparency

Support a fair competition for talent


To challenge unfair recruitment policies and behaviours infringing upon individual rights and ultimately restricting collective bargaining power.

To champion the human right to dignity and fairness (as enshrined in the Constitution) and empowered economic agency (protected in the Competition Act) in labour markets.

To deconstruct labour market inequalities, identify reverse actions required and raise public awareness.

To champion a competitive labour market environment where employers compete fairly for talent, enjoying their right to nurture and invest in a loyal workforce, in keeping with the Constitution and Competition Act.

To challenge disempowering and destructive Human Resource Practices entrenching inequality and an unethical competition for talent.  

To lobby specifically for youth and job seeker protections that can prevent exploitation and further disenfranchisement through employer monopsony power.

To disrupt behaviours deterring the right to fair wage negotiations and contractual arrangements.

Defend the Right to Fair Labour Practice – CLICK HERE!


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