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If you’re interviewing for a job where the salary has not been disclosed upfront, you’re most likely to be asked unfair questions about pay.

When you provide wage information without knowing how much the employer is willing to pay, it’s called an asymmetric information advantage. Unfair negotiators use information asymmetry in order to have an advantage over the other. During recruitment, recruiters and employers try to find out as much about job applicant pay as possible without ever being upfront themselves.

Salary Questions 

It’s always advisable to go into an interview prepared with answers and questions about pay. PaySlipBanSA knows most job applicants struggle to negotiate pay, not because they’re rotten negotiators, but because it’s impossible to negotiate fairly when you’re participating in an unfair process.

Do you hate questions about pay? Tell us about it!

According to the Constitution, everybody is entitled to fair labour practice. If job applicants and even employers are agreeing that those who use secrecy and unfair information advantages aren’t operating fairly – then there’s just grounds for PaySlipBanSA to litigate.

Employer Pay Ambiguity and Secrecy

Employers are often cagey about amounts because they want to save money and find the best person at the lowest wage.

Adverts that don’t state a range or specify a salary are unfair on job applicants and show poor financial management. If you’re an employer reading this, please understand, fair is not one sided! Fair is a balance of interests and power. 

Job adverts including a range and benefits result in more applicants, particularly women. Why are employers such as Transnet, Get Smarter,  and Truworths paying for recruitment services that create market barriers, gate keeping and deter applicants?

Recruitment firms such as Kelly, CallForce, O’ Brien recruitment and People Solved  are just some of the recruitment firms caught applying unfair practices and powers during recruitment.

Rough Guide to Pay Questions

Truth is, if job applicants want their rights respected, they need to sue. If you’re an applicant and can’t afford a lawyer, PaySlipBanSA is here for you.

You have options with regards to your confidentiality, you can remain top secret and provide reliable  information or be a court witness.

Leonie Hall

If there is no pay stated in the advert, applicants must be on guard as the employer may not be offering a competitive package, they may not even be serious about hiring. 

  • What salary are you seeking?
    • Say you’re willing to comply with industry benchmarks and ask their budget or salary scales.
  • What’s your salary history?
  • If I were to give you this salary you requested but let you write your job description for the next year, what would it say?
    • This question links your salary expectations to your understanding of what you can deliver or offer. It’s a fair question.
  • What’s more important to you — the work itself or how much you’re paid for doing it?
    • Direct the focus away from money by saying something about being willing to accept fair offers from a company that you admire – such as their’s. Focus the answer on how excited you would be at the opportunity at that particular company. Hopefully you’re applying to a job that you’re genuinely passionate about! 

Never give up your payslip!


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