What is a Suited Tsotsi?

Suited Tsotsis are those organisations subjugating job seeker rights, and spying on rival firms competing in the same talent pool to poach talent and price-fix pay.

A Suited Tsotsi is a company doing one, or all of the following:

  1. pay is secret in their job adverts, they don’t include a specific pay range nor refer you to a compensation policy tabling pay scales

  2. recruiters contact job applicants and ask about their pay expectations without being upfront about the salary for the vacancy

  3. without making an offer, these suited tsotsis demand payslips from job applicants

  4. suited tsotsis drop job applicants if they refuse to divulge their pay expectations, pay history and payslips.

Forward Tsotsi Emails and Job Adverts

Screenshot their job adverts and forward their emails to friend@payslibansa.co.za

All sources are top secret; information is treated with the utmost respect and sensitivity.